Poetry of the Typical Hopeless Romantic (Mostly)

Thoughts after the 2nd break-up

The reason that we fall in love is this

A simple kiss

Casual pecks, indicate dating

Or mating

Or maybe I like you

Liked* you

I’m scared of falling in deep

Can’t sleep

Because there are images of you in my dreams

I think

Mostly too much and am also distractible

You’re so kissable

I told you I could fall in love with you

You said too soon

So I try to avoid casual run-ins

Kisses and cheats

Blushing and bruising and wanting

To leave

But mostly I liked you

I could have loved you

If not for the running and wanting and needs.

We “broke up”… Followed by kissing

You left change in my bed

Must have fallen out of your pockets

As you crawled on to the mattress

Between the sheets and under my skin

It’s good to know there is something

Other than my body and mind

Sitting here later, left behind

Proof that you slept in these arms

Be warned:

There is nothing like a woman scorned,

At least not like me.

Now I’ve got to cover up the marks

Clues to friends and other lovers

That you’re my reoccurring blunder

But I must bear the cost

Your black shirt left lint on my bed

On these dirty sheets

Ripped by angry laundry machines

We know nothing about love

I like you,

But don’t think I won’t smite you,

Because I will.

My Original Disappointment

It shouldn’t be too hard to forget

The night it happened when we spent

Hours as the playthings of life

But simplicity cannot go without strife

And I wondered as the moon shone round

Lighting your face one half down

The dark side that I could not see

But blurred vision kept me from wondering

It shouldn’t be too hard to remember

The way it was before November

Before another mistake was made

Let it blend and fade away

Eventually the days will flow

And we’ll leave behind that shadow

Of a once great opportunity-

In the room where we used to be.